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Our critics toured more than 60 booths — a sight for art-starved eyes. Here are 16 highlights to catch, in person or virtually.

5/6/2021 11:31:54 AM

First things first: “I sculpt myself every day,” says Booker, who appears swathed in yards of textiles, from headdress to sneakers.

5/7/2021 9:00:16 AM

A selection of 79 drawings from the collection recasts the most celebrated decade in American art as less American.

5/7/2021 2:49:04 PM

The Alabama artist and musician has arrived at a career milestone, with two exhibitions in the Hamptons and a gallery to map his future.

5/7/2021 5:31:00 AM

NADA House hosts 66 galleries, nonprofits and artist-run spaces arrayed in and around stately officers’ residences. Expect the refreshingly unfamiliar.

5/6/2021 5:04:25 PM

The jurors were drawn to politically and socially engaged art, which was often about representing minority groups, the chair of the judges said.

5/7/2021 12:38:51 PM

Zürcher Gallery on Bleecker Street shows what fairs are good at: bringing new artists to your attention.

5/6/2021 10:07:55 AM

Applications for the $1,000 grants, from the New York Foundation for the Arts, can be submitted through June 15.

5/6/2021 2:37:28 PM

Our critics and writers have selected noteworthy cultural events to experience virtually or in person in New York City.

5/6/2021 4:00:14 AM

With “Albert and the Whale,” the biographer and critic Philip Hoare trains his mind on the Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer, then lets it drift to art history, nature writing and elements of memoir.

5/5/2021 2:03:07 PM
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